Association Positions


June 24, 2014

The purpose of the Montana Seed Trade Association (MSTA) is to provide a forum of discussion for the trade of seed within its membership and beyond. Those purposes are outlined on the home page of the MSTA website, at As such, we need to be aware of, and respond to current issues that affect the trade of its membership.

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s) are widely discussed and utilized in this country, though their agricultural applications are not widely understood outside of the plant breeding, seed trade, and farming communities. The MSTA supports the development, production, marketing, and utilization of GMO crop varieties under the following parameters:

a. GMO varieties are developed using sound production principles, and introduced to the public with science based technologies and facts;

b. There must be an awareness of how the introduction of GMO’s could affect native plant communities;

c. There must be a benefit for a trait derived through genetic enhancement for the agricultural producer or end use consumer, such as lower input costs or novel end use traits;

d. Agricultural producers and end use consumers must have the option to accept this technology or not, which applies to various production systems, including organic. The coexistence of new and old technologies is a factor in the introduction of genetically enhanced crops.

The introduction of GMO’s into the American food chain has been very important, and the MSTA encourages every citizen to become informed on the facts about genetically modified organisms.


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